What We Do

Our human rights work focuses on four programmatic areas: Monitoring, Documentation and Reporting, Paralegal Services, Advocacy and Security Protection.

Monitoring Documentation and Reporting

We are engaged in on-going Monitoring documentation and reporting of human rights violations that are reported to us through community based paralegals, community members and partners in other parts of the country.  Documentation and monitoring of human rights violations is key to the work we do and the community we serve because they support our advocacy and lobbying for protection of human rights of all Nigerians irrespective of their Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity.

Paralegal service

Through the efforts of our community based paralegals and volunteer legal practitioners, we provide pro-bono legal aid service to people who have or are experiencing violation and discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity.  We do this through legal representation at the police station and through alternative dispute resolution in Enugu state and other states in South Eastern Nigeria. Through the effort of our partner, Heartland Alliance-GISHR and others we have implemented of this services to our beneficiaries in South Eastern Nigeria.


We promote the rights of LGBTI persons in Nigeria through engagement at the National, Regional and International human rights bodies ensuring the rights of sexual minorities are protected and promoted. We engage with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) State Agency for Control of AIDS (SACA) and other mainstream organizations in advocacy for creation of enabling environment for the work we do and for protection of our beneficiaries. creation of enabling environment for the work we do and for protection of our beneficiaries. Through the help our partner organization we trained fifteen Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to understand sexuality and work for protection of all individuals irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity. We also engage in policy analysis and advocacy to improve policy formation and implementation. With other partners we have been involved in the analysis of the impact and implications of the Same-Sex (Marriage) Prohibition Act, 2013.

Security Protection

In a homophobic society, we recognize that it is important that sexual minorities understand the importance of their own personal security.  We offer security and safety information to ensure that human rights violation and mob attacks are kept to a minimum.  Through our 24/7 dedicated telephone helplines, LGBTI persons are able to report attack and seek immediate assistance.
Please call 08075859515 or send us an email: accesstogoodhealthinitiative@yahoo.com
Our sexual health programme focuses on improving access to comprehensive health care services by sexual minorities in Enugu state and environs. We also involved in policy advocacy and dialogue with government agencies so that they are more inclusive and receptive to the sexual health needs of sexual minorities and include them in their sexual health programming.
Our sexual health programme also operates a safe community centre for LGBTI community members in which we organize life skills development, conduct regular information and education sessions on sexual health of LGBTI persons, and engage in outreach work that targets LGBTI hotspots.
We recognize that living in a homophobic society has a negative impact on the well-being of sexual minorities, so psychosocial support and re-integration services for sexual minorities is an important aspect of the service we provide to community members who faces stigma, discrimination and sometimes violence.
Our current sexual health programme is on Global Fund New Funding Model;

NFM Cluster 3 for MARPs Intervention

The project is a Global Fund intiative to reduce the prevalence of HIV amongst KPs and build capacity of the community based organizations implementing services for the target population. The project commenced on September through a PADEF process which took place in Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Oyo and Lagos state respectively, AGHI emerged as one of the organizations to be mentored by the sub-recipient of the grant (ECEWS). The NFM Cluster 3 for MARPs intervention is designed to engage the community on team building, advocacies, training and organizational capacity development to deliver training packages to the 3 key populations in five states

Key Population Assessment 2017 (KPA)

Access to Good Health Initiative-AGHI assisted National Agency for the control of AIDS-NACA to conduct an assessment on behavioral disposition of MSM in Enugu state. The 10 days survey had a mandate to reach two hundred (200) MSMs in Enugu state on sexual behavior of the MSMs in the state. AGHI adopted the Respondent Driven Sampling method to reach her community.

Enhancing Key Population Intervention (EKPIN)

The project is a Global Funds SFH/Heartland Alliance International Nigeria funded project. EKPIN provides HIV prevention, care and support (C&S) services to MSM, FSW and PWID. Through our network of outreach coordinators and peer educators who reach out to peers with HIV prevention messages and referral to other service within Enugu state, we have reached 1000 MSMs in Enugu State.

Integrated Bio-behavioural Surveillance Survey (IBBSS)

Access to Good Health Initiative-AGHI joined in solidarity with her stakeholders Heartland Alliance Nigeria-HAN, Ministry of Health-MOH, and Society for Family Health-SFH, to conduct HIV and AIDS survey to three KAPs. The project which was conducted in 2014 had the mandate to reach out to the three KAPs to record their responses as to regards to their sexual lives. The survey also had HIV testing services which will help programming for this group of persons.
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